job(s): assistant director

2015 – Borowski und die Rückkehr des stillen Gastes (TV, Tatort, 89min)

I got to know Frank on the set of Sorry Guys were he was the scenographer and we had an exciting time together. In February 2015 I got a short message were he told me that I could be a 2nd AD intern in German TV flagship production Tatort – in case I would manage to be in Hamburg within the next six days. I asked for a 7-week break in my company.

I had a terrific time in Hamburg (thanks to very caring production manager Patrick Brandt from TV film production company Nordfilm Kiel who got me a place to stay) and Kiel (the Tatort takes place in Kiel actually) and was an assistant for Claudia Garde (director) and Barbara Schubert (AD), two fantastic women that I could learn a big deal from in terms of skill, passion, work ethics, storytelling and focus.

Producer: Kerstin Ramcke; Executive Producer: Johannes Pollmann; Author: Sascha Arango; Director: Claudia Garde; Director of Photography: Philip Peschlow;