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2014 – Die Rache von Radegast (adventure farce, 84min)

2014 – Die Rache von Radegast (adventure farce, 84min)

My good friend and flat mate Gunnar had been studying cinematograhy at an expensive private media school. On our free weekends we often thought about doing our own Youtube channel and planned cheap little movie projects.

One day in late 2012 Gunnar came along with a feature film script of 80 pages alluding to action adventure operas like Indiana Jones and Uncharted that he had written together with his brother Hannes. I applied for some 2.000 EUR from Fonds Soziokultur, a fund to support cultural youth initiatives, not really thinking about the consequences.

Some monts later, the application in far distance, we got a call from the fund, telling us we could have the money. Suddenly we really had to shoot this film – with this ridiculously low budget. The technics transporter's rent was something like 500 EUR and the rest of the money was split by catering and scenography. The shooting equipment was given us by Gunnar's school.

We, giving us the name MY2C Producions, got a future directing student and good friend of ours, Franz Zimmermann, to lead the actors and camera at the same time due to the fact that Gunnar and Hannes let themselves play the two leading roles. I did most of the pre- and production (only 18 shooting days). To organize the chaotic Slav-zombie apocalypse with sometimes more than 40 extras on set, sinking islands and wizarding Viking gods was unexpectedly difficult.

I even tried to push the film further in post production, grading it myself, yearning for a sophisticated cut, a fitting score composer and an appropriate release in our hometown Neustrelitz, were everything was shot. Our trailer as well as our print flyers and brochures were widely acclaimed and spread the word up to media, politics and local entrepreneurial spheres.

We premiered Die Rache von Radegast in June 2014 in our Neustrelitz-based multiplex Movie Star. The theatre was full, the audience enthusiastic. Afterwards we even got it played in our arthouse cinema Alte Kachelofenfabrik were it appeared to be the best-grossing film of whole 2014. Various other cinemas in Mecklenburg arranged screenings, too. The DVD was released on Christmas 2014. Without all of this Radegast experience I'd never have thought about wanting to become a professional film maker one day.

Producer: Lucas Thiem, Gunnar Rossow; Author: Gunnar Rossow, Hannes Rossow; Director: Franz Zimmermann; Director of Photography: Franz Zimmermann; Score Composer: Ralf Göbel; Colorist: Lucas Thiem; Funds: Fonds Soziokultur, mwh Hirsch, BTO, Hauke Runge;