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2016 – SIE KOMMEN (political youth drama, 9min)

2016 – SIE KOMMEN (political youth drama, 9min)

In 2012 I was participating in a Mecklenburg-Western Pomeranian anti-racist youth film competition called Klappe gegen Rechts. Basically I had to deliver a film idea and some judges would decide if I were given the opportunity to shoot this film. Id est: a media educator as a project leader and central advisor and 4.000 EUR at our disposal.

Four years later I got a call by the institution organizing this competition. They had followed my way (in regards of film producing) in the local magazines and asked for me as a media educator for a film idea that had been chosen. The idea belonged to a ninth class from a school in the village Domsühl near our capital Schwerin, an area I was absolutely unfamiliar with.

In February 2016, on a weekend-long workshop with script-writing and anti-racism seminars in a province youth hostel in Mecklenburg, I got to know all the other media educators and some scholars of ’my’ class. I quickly got along with them and their class teacher Mathias Rivoir. It was a lovely first meeting and within a very short time we constructed all of the content and narrative structure of our short film SIE KOMMEN (engl. They are coming) together.

I was responsible for the overall production budget of 4.000 EUR which is some kind of a low budget considering the facts that it’s a 4-hour road trip from Berlin to Domsühl and that there’s a lot to prepare for a two-day shoot in the end of April with nine pupils acting and speaking in front of a cinema camera for the first time and a demonstration scene with more than 20 appropriately dressed neo-nazi extras.

The film had its premiere on September 14th in the beautiful Capitol cinema in Schwerin.

Producer: MY2C Productions, RAA MV; Author: Mathias Rivoir, Lucas Thiem; Director: Clara von Arnim; Director of Photography: Lucas Thiem; Scenographer: Janina Butz; Sound Designer: Moritz Monorfalvi; Color Grader: Lucas Thiem;